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Alien life

Colored c/2 spaceship in "344:b2/s1"
Rules Button Description Software
Download [148k] Large puffer trains.
Life32, WinLife32, Golly
Download [31k] Spaceships and oscillators.
Download [367k]
Seperate files
Raw spaceship pack found by gfind.
Download [24k] Mostly new, fresh patterns.
Download [15k] Unstable agars.
Download [30k] Another Conway's Life variant.
Скачать [5k] Exploding rule with interesting properties.
Download [10k] Oscillators, spaceships and some interesting things.
Life32, WinLife32
Patterns [4k]
DLL [27k]
Natural guns, plus colored version for MCell.
MCell, Life32, WinLife32
Download [15k] "x2" means that birth occurs only if "b1" lasts
at least for two generations. A rather rich rule!
Download [106k] Several DLLs with colored rules.
Download [5k] Several findings in explosive rules.
Life32, WinLife32, Golly

A small fragment of the Mandelbrot Set


Mandel - draws the Mandelbrot Set. Windows executable. [233k]


A new pattern collection called "N:b1x2/s23" - I mean that the cell would need to have exactly one neighbor in two adjacent generations to be born. Neumann neighborhood doesn't support many life-like rules, as rules with b1 explode while rules without b1 are unable to grow at all. But this birth suppressing was farily effective. The rule supports all glider logic.

14.10.07 - a universal gun.

Another news in b2/s main collection: an interesting p3 agar. Its rows can be shifted by one cell, thus making a continuum of different patterns.

14.10.07 - a p3 agar in 'Seeds'.

A huge pulsar puffer in "b3/s023" life is finally ready (extra 70k to the puffer archive).

23.06.07 - a huge pulsar puffer.

A new archive: "b2/s2" rule. This is a terribly exploding rule but it gives a lot of opportunities to construct engineered patterns. In this rule it is possible to build a still-life rectangle that cannot be destroyed from inside. Here are some snapshots:

30.05.07 - p8 photon signal input in a narrow wire
30.05.07 - p3 'billiard table'
30.05.07 - p5 gun. The 'hangar' on the left is the narrowest that allows photons to get in freely.

Several other archives were updated as well. There is a new collection of agars in the "seeds" rule. News in "b3/s023": I've made several ofind searches and found domino-sparkers of periods up to 6.

More new patterns in life-like rules. In "b3/s24" Nicolay Beluchenko found all line puffers with line lengths starting from 3 cells. I've found period 280 rake in "b3/s023" (based on a line puffer, which are very rarely stable here), and several c/2 components in "b2/s".

12.04.07 - period 280 rake in 'b3/s023' based on a line puffer.

A new pattern in "b3/s24": an extensible line puffer found by Nicolay Beluchenko. I also begin to correct errors in pattern files written by Life32.

24.03.07 - extensible line puffer by Nicolay Beluchenko.

New patterns in "b3/s24" rule, including several "line" puffers - the very first ever-growing samples in this life. I've found the first ones, and Nicolay Beluchenko has developed this idea by finding several small and clean puffers.

22.03.07 - blinker puffer by Nicolay Beluchenko.

A major update to the seeds collection, including the new c/3 diagonal spaceship by Nicolay Beluchenko. And a new archive of patterns in the "b3/s24" rule, a close relative of the Game of Life.

11.03.07 - new c/3 diagonal spaceship in 'Seeds'.
11.03.07 - new p2 wick in 'Seeds'.
11.03.07 - period 8 oscillator in 'M:b3/s24'.
11.03.07 - beautiful c/3 spaceship 'M:b3/s24'.

'M:b3/s023' archives updated: a new p80 rake found, which is much smaller than the previous ones. Also there are several new fuses in the 'spaceships and oscillators' part of the archive. '755:b34/s23' news: a period 3 wick found, but it is still to be stabilized. Note: there are still no finite p3 oscillators in this rule.

24.01.07 - new smaller p80 rake in 'M:b3/s023'

24.01.07 - period 3 wick in '755:b34/s23'

New archive: 'findings in explosive rules'. Includes several slow spaceships and low-period guns in rules with 'b2'. Update in '755:b34/s23': a new c/3 wickstretcher model.

16.12.06 - p6 gun in 'b2/s345'
16.12.06 - new c/3 wickstretcher in '755:b34/s23

A major update to the 'seeds' collection. Nicolay Beluchenko send 'several' items for me to put them here because he didn't have time to sew them himself - now his oscillators and lightspeed spaceships occupy about 80% of my archive ...

17.10.06 - p6 oscillator in 'seeds' by Nicolay Beluchenko

Now I have my WLS 0.61 working in '344:b2/s1'. Therefore, this rule (the black-and-white version) includes now infinitely many spaceships.

10.10.06 - two c/3 spaceships in '344:b2/s1'

New archive: 'Seeds - new, fresh patterns'. Includes a c/5 spaceship, a p6 oscillator and two p4 guns. '755:b34/s23' updated with two new p2 wicks.

16.09.06 - period 4 gun in 'seeds'

The first stabilized agar in '755:b34/s23'. Collection updated.

04.09.06 - the first agar in 755:b34/s23

I've recompiled the famous WLS search program to work with '755:b34/s23' rule. Here are the top results: a c/3 wickstretcher of a p2 wick, which is the first known infinitely growing object in this rule, and more new p1 and p2 wicks.

29.08.06 - stabilized vertical p2 wick

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